In the 21st century, challenges like youth unemployment, corruption and poverty transcend borders, cultures and classes. They affect all sectors of society and are likely to affect all stakeholders in the local community.

Since 2010, JCI has taken steps to unite JCI members with citizens, governments, businesses at the World Partnership Summit in New York. This event provides a platform for active citizens to broaden their ability to create lasting impact. Each year, the JCI Global Partnership Summit allows participants to explore how the coordinated efforts of all sectors of society can pave the way for lasting change through local collective action.

To ensure this kind of dynamic conversation where concrete action is taken, the JCI Strategic Plan 2014-2028 recommends the organization of JCI Partnership Summit at the regional, national and local levels. These local, national and regional collaboration events will be staged to connect with partners, exchange ideas, and promote concerted action for lasting impact.

It is in this context that JCI Africa and the Middle East decided to organize the Regional Partnership Forum during JCI Africa and the Middle East Conference to 12-15 August 2020.


Organize a framework for consultation and exchange between JCI Africa and the Middle East, and partners from the public and private sector of each member country.

Specifically, it is about :

  • Popularize the JCI framework of active citizens
  • Establish a great connection between the three sectors of society and the stakeholders represented
  • Strengthen relationships with existing partnerships
  • Create new partnerships


This Summit, is a major activity that takes place within the framework of the Conference with a non-existent budget because :

  • The participants of this summit are already registered at the conference ;
  • The partners invited by each National Organization JCI, ensure their travel

You want to register, have more information about accommodation and travel, click here


  • Public partners (Ministries and structures under supervision, municipalities)
  • Private sector partners (companies, etc.)
  • NGOs and development associations International institutions, embassies
  • National Organizations of JCI Africa and the Middle East
  • The Junior Chamber International


JCI is the organization that will unite all sectors of society to create lasting impact


Establish a great connection between the three sectors of society in order to create positive change in Africa and the Middle East

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