To provide JCI Members with development opportunities to combat the challenge of climate change through education, partnerships and grassroots actions.


  • Educating youth on the climate emergency and the importance of our actions ;
  • To be the organization that brings together all sectors of society in the fight against climate change ;
  • To plant as many trees as possible in the AME region by the end of December 2020. Each member must plant at least two trees.

Climate Emergency

Climate change is the long-term change in temperature and climate cycles. This has horrible consequences for the environment, health and the economy.

Africa and the Middle East Area

In our region, we are subject to all the consequences of climate change.

By 2030 : Our GDP could be cut in half. 100 million people could be forced to live in extreme poverty.

By 2050 : A 2°C warming and a 60% reduction in fertile land is expected. The number of climate refugees could reach 86M.

Where it started

I Green Africa and the Middle East was launched in January 2020 during the Meeting of National Presidents of Africa and the Middle East in Beirut, Lebanon. The National Presidents and members of the Management Committee took their first green step when they participated in a planting activity led by the i Green Beirut team.

The iGAME campaign is inspired by JCI Lebanon’s flagship project. Since 2017, i Green Beirut aims to show the importance of green spaces in the urban environment and to set up planting projects, hand in hand with local communities.

Capacity for change

As JCI Africa and the Middle East, we are more than 13,000 members and 150,000 alumni.

As active citizens of the AMO, we have a responsibility to find ways to combat challenges and find solutions.

Together, we can make a big impact by making sure we showcase our cultures and values.

Together, we can build a community of changemakers and reduce the consequences of climate change.

Together we can take a step in the right direction and leave a positive footprint for generations to come.


The aim of this project is to show the capacity for change that can be achieved with a minimum of resources.

Potential partners

Government, Departments of Environment and Agriculture

Private sector, local clean energy companies

Civil Society, World Economic Forum (Global Shapers)

Community Local Groups

Form to fill out

We recommend that you complete this form during the year.

Let’s build an exemplary database of flora in Africa and the Middle East !

Talk to your botanist or consult sites such as almanac.com/plant/

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